Starting An Online Business – The Most Common Mistake

When starting a business online, many people tend to commit several common mistakes which could be easily avoided by simply being realistic and implementing the basic methodology of establishing every business (regardless if it is established online or offline, if it offers products or services, or other variables). Whether a business is to be established online or offline, certain guidelines and facts remain unaltered between the both, and unfortunately many people fail to realize it when venturing into an entrepreneurial opportunity online.

The most common mistake begins when people convince themselves that the concept, the fundamental methodology of establishing a business online, will vary greatly from establishing a business offline. The most common mistake is to believe that establishing a successful business online will be easier than establishing a successful business offline. Some are even convinced into believing that it will be so easy that thousands of dollars in profit can be generated within the first days, sometimes even hours.

That is not impossible, but certainly very difficult, and such results would certainly be rare (meaning it would not be the rule, but the exception). Also, such results can be attained by those who have a good grasp regarding how to successfully establish their entrepreneurial venture online (although it will not always achieve such results at such a fast pace), but for someone who is relatively new (or completely new) to the process and know-how of establishing a successful business online, attaining such results would be much less believable.

If you are reading this article because you are interested venturing into an entrepreneurial opportunity online, please don’t let the information in this article discourage you; instead, learn from it to avoid the hardships that would manifest as consequence of not having or applying such knowledge.

Continuing with the main topic, let’s define now what are the practices, process, and traits that every business must experience and go through when starting.

First, a planning process where a variety of aspects are defined, possible paths analyzed, and defining if the venture can be profitable or not, is required for any enterprise to be capable of achieving constant success. In other words, you can’t expect to simply “build it, and they will come” as the voice whispers to Ray Kinsella in the movie titled “Field of Dreams”.

The second aspect to consider is, every business requires some time before earning a decent amount of profits (basically repeating what was stated before). Depending on many factors, this can take between one month and almost one year (if it takes longer it probably means that it will not work at all). So even if there are no profits at the beginning (and probably you are losing some money because you need to invest to keep it functioning), analyze if it is because the business has no real opportunity to work and provide enough income to profit (or any income at all for that matter), or because it is still among the first stages of development.

The third and last aspect that will be covered in this article regarding what every business must do/undergo is, avoid searching or taking any shortcuts at the beginning.

When starting it is unwise to try to take any shortcuts. Once you have mastered the “long path”, you can use as many shortcuts as you see fit, but not before. This is because in order to use a shortcut effectively (in terms of entrepreneurial activities) you must first understand and master both the concept, and the process of doing almost everything. In such way, if any complication arises when using a particular shortcut for a particular task, you will be capable of identifying the problem and solving it; while, if you decide to take shortcuts form the beginning, and a such problem arises, you may not be capable to solve it as efficiently or effectively (if you manage to solve it at all).

Although starting an entrepreneurial venture online can be as daunting as starting it offline, at the long run it can provide many benefits that an offline business can’t. So, if you are still interested to start a business online, even after knowing that it will require quite some effort, go for it. If you manage to succeed, you will consider it to be among the best decisions you have ever made, and you will find the reward for that hard work extremely satisfying.